Specializing in Elevation and Floor Recovery

Causes of Floor Movement


Most Common Reason for Floor Movement

2065435One of the most common reasons that you would have floor movement is due to the movement of expansive soils. In the drier months, moisture decreases and soils shrink allowing piers to settle. During the wetter months of the year, moisture increases, soils expand and push up on piers.

This process is known as heaving and can actually raise piers above the constructive phase, which causes a humping in the floor system. Although this sounds like a major problem, it is something that can be repaired.

The Key to Maintaining Proper Elevation

The best way to prevent or repair floor movement is to maintain proper elevation. Protect the interior piers from the elements. Inadequate piers are another reason for floor failure. In many cases, it may be necessary to install additional piers to elevate and maintain the floor system. Whether your foundation problems sound similar or not, we have a fix for it.

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